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PTCFast offers a lot of flexibility to handle almost any kind of school and any type of conferences. There are four main things you'll need to know:

  1. One account for the school or one account per teacher? Most schools create one account with many class schedules, one for each teacher or team. But we also have many teachers who set up an account to just run their own schedule. And we have schools which, rather than setting up one school account, have each teacher/team set up their own accounts. All methods are accommodated.
  2. Free Demo and Free Semester: You can try out the system in several ways. The most common sequence is to set up a Free Demo account (which is limited to 5 parents making appointments), then convert that to a Free Semester Trial, which allows you to run an entire semester "for real" (for a class or even a whole school). If that works well for you, after that you can use PTCFast for $4 per class or $50 per school.
  3. Parent communications: The main choice you make is how to communicate with your parents. Most schools use our "School Web Page", a link we create which lists your conferences and lets parents register for the ones they need. But we have other options as well, which will all be explained below.
  4. Change settings: Finally, you can change any and all choices later.

So go ahead, set up a free account. See how easy it is to use, and how much easier it will be to manage your conferences.

Resources for School Administrators: Explanation to parents about scheduling online, How it will work for parents.