PTCFast.com is a free website designed to make it easy to schedule parent-teacher conferences. It was designed by an educator and a software designer who believe that scheduling software should be easy to use the first time--without reading instructions or user guides.

A PTCFast user (teacher or school administrator) can set up as many different conferences as he or she would like, with the same or different blocks of conference times. For each conference, the website provides a link to be distributed to parents that allows them to sign up for the specific conference that is appropriate for them (or, if you prefer, you can have the system create a school webpage which displays for parents a full list of all the conferences being held at the school.).

All your data is protected using secure 256 bit encryption and we have a simple and strong privacy policy: We will not sell the emails provided by teachers and administrators to anyone else, or use them for any purpose other than (a) communicating with users about your conferences or (b) providing occasional updates on any changes that might take place in this parent-teacher scheduling software or possibly, on no more than a few occasions, letting you know if we release other free scheduling software likely to be of interest to teachers.

Though easy to use, the software has many convenient features, including:

  • Parents can change their appointment at any time.
  • Parents receive a reminder of their appointment time.
  • Teacher/administrator can check the schedule at any time, and be notified of late sign-ups.
  • Administrators can set up multiple conferences, and have the system send copies of the schedule for each conference to the appropriate teacher, as well as to themselves.