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Lots of Advanced Features for Schools!

  • The system creates an optional customized school webpage (with its own URL) that your parents visit to pick out what conferences they want to sign up for. They also get a full-featured Time Picker page that lets them pick multiple appointments with a convenient set of times. See how these webpages look and work for parents. Handles needs of families making appoinments for multiple children.
  • A single administrative assistant can set up and manage all the school's conferences on a single account.
  • To speed things up, you can create a first conference, choose the schedule and options for this conference, and then repeatedly copy this conference to create each of your additional conferences. (How do I do this?)
  • Administrators setting up multiple conferences can have each teacher receive a copy of his or her appointment schedule, with administrator retaining control as needed (How?).
  • Once you have set up conferences for all your teachers, when the next conference season rolls around, you do NOT need to create conferences from scratch and re-enter info on options, teachers' emails, etc. Instead, you can just update the schedule on ONE conference. Then use special tool to copy this new schedule over to all your existing conferences. (Show me how to do this!)
  • For security-focused users, option to send customized letters to each parent with a short sign-up code that tells the system what conference the parent will sign up for (How?).
  • Secure 256- bit encryption. Strong Privacy Policy.

For Teachers Setting up Individual Conferences, PTCFast makes it all a Snap!

  • Individual teachers can set up their own account and plan their conferences and launch the sign-up process in about five minutes.

Parents Enjoy Maximum Convenience with PTCFast

  • Maximum Choice in Times. The website displays all the currently available appointment times, and lets you pick whichever one works best for your schedule.
  • Email Confirmations and Reminders. When you pick a time, you will receive a confirmation, and you will also receive a reminder prior to the appointment.
  • Conveniently Change Appointment Times. If the time you have selected no longer works for you, just return to the site and pick a new time. (Note that changes cannot be made after a cutoff time selected by the school--usually the day before the conference.)

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Advice on testing out the system: It's fine to test us out before deciding on us!

For specific help on particular features, the FAQ contains lots of additional information.