"We are loving the website." -- Nikki Thune, Spring Lake Schools, Spring Lake, MI,

"We love PTCFast!  It is our go-to scheduling tool for parent/teacher conferences for our secondary schools. PTCFast is efficient and easy to use for teachers, parents, and administrators.  We enjoy the seamless, error-free scheduling that we get time after time. There is no reason to look further than PTCFast for your parent/teacher conference scheduling needs." -- Tracie Omohundro, Assistant Superintendant for Instruction, Powhatan Public Schools, Powhatan, VA

"Your product is wonderful for those of us in the office! Thanks for this great online tool." -- Lisa Burrowes, New Covenant School, Arlington, MA

“You guys have saved us so much time and streamlined our conference sign up process.” -- Nicole Lewis, Gordon C Swift Middle School, Oakville, CT

“This site you've created is making life much easier for us and it is very much appreciated!”  -- Ivan Amodt, Parent, Boston

"You guys rock in your support dept! Every time I've needed help, you guys are quick to respond and extremely helpful!" -- Barb Frattura, Garnet Valley Middle School, Glen Mills, PA

"All the teachers at my school LOVE using PTC fast. It is so easy for everyone."  -- Melissa Richards, M.S. - First Grade Teacher, Crossings Christian School - Lower School, Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you for this amazing tool.  We tried it for the first time this spring and really appreciated the program.  Great job."  -- Sherri DeVries, South Christian High School, Grand Rapids, MI

“We love your system! All the changes have been tremendous. We recommend you to every school we know!” -- Cindi L. Place, Media Specialist, Boyne City High/Middle Schools, Boyne City, MI

"We just completed our first Parent-Teacher Conference Day using the PTCFast software and it was such an improvement over last year's way of signing up (lots of phone calls). We were really pleased with the project and will absolutely be using it again. " -- T. Nash, Technology Specialist, Homewood High School,  Homewood, AL

"Great program. Our teachers, parents and front office personnel love it." -- Allen Bulloc, R. D. Head Elementary School, Gwinnett, GA

"We LOVE the PTCfast system!!!" -- Nancy Kim, Director of Technology, Katonah-Lewisboro School District

"It saved us so much time. Teachers were awed by the ease of control and weekly reminders of who had signed up. It made the whole conference coordination process so efficient. Thanks for your great product!" -- Mary Baker, Mukwonago, WI

"We love this way of signing up for conferences!! Our parents and staff are so happy!" -- Kelly L. Damphousse, Troy, MI

"It is a great system that has saved our school hours of time and frustration. It has been great to help parents be connected to our teachers her at school. It has been a very positive experience for our parents, staff and teachers. Thank you I discovered your site at just the right time to help our administrative staff." -- Rick Collins, Capital Christian School, Sacramento, CA

"As the Local School Technology Coordinator, I love this site for my school." -- Ramsey Ray, J. C. Magill Elementary School, Gwinnett, GA

"I love using PTCFast for scheduling! In the past we scheduled, by hand, 38 homeroom teachers, 6 Student Support teachers, and 10 ESL teachers. It was a nightmare trying to schedule parents so that they could meet with all the teachers that they needed to see. Siblings were another issue that complicated the process. Using PTCFast I created 1 master schedule and duplicated it to all teachers within minutes the schedule was created. We sent a letter to parents with a link and directions. Parents were able to schedule their own time slots, change them when needed and receive reminder notifications. Teachers were able to see who had signed up for which slots, sign up parents if needed and also receive reminders. The teachers and parents were thrilled with the system. Hours of coordination dwindle to about 30 minutes of prep. LOVE that PTCFast is so simple and easy." -- Nancy Gorneau, Technology Coordinator, Pan American School of Bahia, Brazil

"PTCfast is an amazing, time saving, tool.  When I started doing research to find a better way to schedule parent teacher conferences for the middle school I found PTCfast online.  Not only is the product seamless, the support team goes above and beyond to enhance and improve the site on a continual basis.  PTCfast has been such a great timesaver that now both the elementary school and the high school in my district are using it too." -- Marlene Ratliff, Croton-Harmon Schools, NY

"Thanks so much for providing this.  It has greatly simplified the process for us."  -- Dee Kopesky, Camden, Maine

" I loved using this online scheduler in November and look forward to stress-free parent signups again in February."  -- Caryn Dingman, Milford, PA

"As always, you are the best! ...Superb!"  --- Mark Sills, Orange, CT

" So far, we've had a great experience with the system and
the recent improvements were appreciated as well!"  -- Jeff Bretsch, Quincy, MA

"Three years ago our school went searching for a program that would help us to schedule conferences in the most efficient way.  Being a middle school of over 1100 we have always struggled with this until we found PTCFast.  Prior to using the program the teachers gave a list to the secretaries and the secretaries called to make appointments.  This did not work because of the constant phone tag that took place.  With PTCFast the teachers give the counselors a list of students they would like to see and we email the parents the link to pick a time that works for them.  No more phone tag with parents.  This has also been great because our teachers get a list of parents who will be attending so they can have all of the grade reports printed for those students.  It has saved us a ton of time and has made it very easy for parents to pick the time that works for them.  The program is very easy to use and once the conference is set up, the rest runs itself.  I would recommend this program to any school."  -- Renea Herold, Deer Valley Unified School District,  Phoenix, AZ