Katonah Elementary School
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Welcome to the Katonah Elementary School parent teacher conference scheduling system.

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KG - Mrs. Lorrie Egan
KG - Ms. Andrea McGrath
KG - Mr. Paul Hughes
1st - Mrs. Kristin Couto
1st - Mrs. Sheryl Carini
1st - Ms. Cindy Mahan
2nd - Mrs. Judy McCormick
2nd - Mrs. Kimberly Buckley
2nd - Ms. Melissa Conwell
2nd - Mrs. Rebecca Cambareri
3rd - Mr. Craig Jettelson
3rd - Mrs. Lynn Garofolo
3rd - Ms. Patricia Forde
4th - Ms. Deirdre Parkhurst
4th - Mrs. Rebecca Wayland
4th - Ms. Tracy Merritt
5th Ms. Geneve Patterson
5th - Mrs. Judy McBride
5th - Mrs. Gloria Miller
5th - Ms. Lisa Wolken
ESL - Ms. Isabel DiMarco
Interventionist - Ms. Enid Linden
Media Specialist - Ms. Jeanne Hand
Music - Mr. Michael Gelfer
PE - Ms. Danielle Cappelli
PE - Mr. Joe Murphy
Resource - Ms. Carly Aparicio
Interventionist - Ms. Christine Hurson
Interventionist - Ms. Elizabeth Jackson
Resource Teacher - Ms. Lynn Swee
Speech - Ms. Laura Rifelli
Speech - Ms. Melinda Benson