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Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Bristol-Plymouth RTS parent teacher conference scheduling system. Please select your child's class/teacher below:

Teachers will reach out on conference night by phone or Google Meet. Please type "Google Meet" for your phone number if you prefer that as your conference option.

You will be asked to select the event and then enter your names and email. The system will then send you a link to choose your appointment time(s). From that link you may add or change times.

Abbott, Amanda - Early Childhood Ed
Aber, Kristen - Biotechnology
Allen, Stephanie - English
Angers, Andrew - Science
Archer, Julie - Dental Assisting
Bennett, Erryn - Special Ed
Bennett, Tina - Counselor
Bisch, Jennifer - Science
Bredberg, Glen - Metal Fabrication
Brett, Tracy - Biotechnology
Brown, Briana - Cosmetology
Bullock, Dana - Design & Visual Comm
Butters, Sarah - Counselor
Calhoun, William - Science
Carlsen, Cheryl - Community Health
Carvalho, Brian - Graphic Design
Chekares, Mark - English
Chiocca, Thomas - Graphic Design
Church, Nathan - HVAC
Clifford, Kevin - Carpentry
Coray, Doug - Carpentry
Cordero, Tasha - English
Corrigan, John - Social Studies
Costa, Sandra - Cosmetology
Cowell, Scott - Culinary Arts
Cunniff, Marnie - Early Childhood Ed
DaRosa, Eleanor - Special Ed
Demers, Ann Marie - Cosmetology
Donner, Pam - Special Education
Flynn, Brendan - Design & Visual Comm
Ford, Joseph - CAD/CAM
Fortin, Pia - Health
Frechette, Norman - Math
Freitas, Alyssa - Math
Fulton, James - HVAC
Garcia, Kristoffer - Metal Fabrication
Girard, Matthew - Science
Holst, Jessica - English
Howard, Jacqueline - Science
Karam-Kozak, Jerilyn - English
Karamanian, Jennifer - Business & Applied Tech
Kiessling, Victoria - Special Ed
L'Etoile, Wyatt - HVAC
Lacombe, Lisa - Math
Lariviere, Lindsey - Special Ed
Lefaivre, Adam - Science
Libby, Alan - Collision Tech
Lind, Scott - Collision Tech
Linehan, Michael - Plumbing
Lopes, Lindsay - English
Lynch, Dawn - Community Health
Magny-Black, Marjorie - Counselor
McCartin, Jennifer - Special Ed
McGraw, Rebecca - English
Medeiros, John - Science
Moniz, Christopher - Electricity
Montesano, Marc - Counselor
Moreau, Kristin - Special Education
Murray, Matthew - Math
Murray, Michelle - Math
Napior, Jeffrey - Robotics & Engineering
Oliveira, Michael - Science
Ostiguy, Julie - Science
Pacheco, Jamie - Social Studies
Palmer, Robert
Paquette, Gabriela - Spanish
Parris, John - Collision Tech
Pelrine, James - Math
Perry, Eric - Automotive Tech
Perry, Matthew - Math
Ponte, Stephanie - English
Powers, Kara - Business & Applied Tech
Powers, Keith - Electricty
Puccini, Richard - Carpentry
Raudonaitis, Mark - Plumbing
Raymond, Sharron - Culinary Arts
Rebello, Kimberly - Science
Rehm, Jacquelyn - English
Reynolds, Amanda - Physical Education
Ribbe, Stephen - Automotive Tech
Richmond, Scott - Social Studies
Rippel, Marcella - Math
Rodrigues, Joanna - Social Studies
Rodrigues, Thomas - Physical Education
Rodriguez, Rafael - Metal Fabrication
Roe, Lisa - CNT
Rose, Michael - CAD/CAM
Ross, Thomas - Electricity
Roy, Cynthia - Science
Saraiva, Roger - Math
Scimonelli, Colleen - Math
Sears, Amy - Special Ed
Silvia, Matthew - Special Ed
Slavin, Amy - Special Ed
Smith, Terence - English
Sousa, Elton - Social Studies
Sousa, Nuno - Culinary Arts
Stone, Cynthia - Community Health
Tedeschi, Darlene
Thetonia, Kyle - Math
Trottier, Andrea - Counselor
Wallace, David - CNT
Wentworth, Jenny - Special Ed
Wessen, Sean - Automotive Tech
Westner, Paul - Social Studies
Wood, Kristin - Dental Assisting
Yarmac, Joseph - Robotics & Engineering