Winslow Elementary School
Winslow, ME
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Winslow Elementary School parent teacher conference scheduling system. Please note: We respectfully ask parents who are not residing together to coordinate and select one conference that you both will attend for each teacher/staff member you wish to schedule a conference. We feel it is important that all custodial parents be present in the same conference to hear and share the same information. Please contact Mr. Price if you have any questions with this request (872-1967).

Select all the teachers/staff members you wish to schedule a conference. It is possible to meet with 2 teachers at the same time (such as your child's classroom teacher and specials teacher(s) or a special ed teacher or a Title 1 teacher) though this may limit the amount of time you have to spend with each. If you wish to do this, pick a time that is available to all the teachers you want to conference with in one meeting. Please plan to meet in your child's regular teacher's classroom if you have selected multiple teachers at the same time and please make note of this in the "Special Request" text box. Select different times for each teacher/staff member you wish to meet with separately. Thank you for your participation and support of your child's education.

Unfortunately there are no conferences available for registration at this stage. Please come back later.