Wausau West High School
Wausau, WI
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Wausau West High School parent teacher conference scheduling system. When choosing your conferences, please be aware of the following:

1. Please select your child's grading teacher(s) from their progress report. 2. Location of conference (1st, 2nd or 3rd floor)

Pick your conference(s), then register name and contact info. This creates a registration for each conference and sends you a confirmation email with a link to choose appointment times. On that same page, you will be able to add and change both registrations and appointments.

ART-1st Flr/DeBroux, Maria
ART-1st Flr/Slowiak, Samantha
BUSINESS ED-1st Flr/Hert, Carl
BUSINESS ED-1st Flr/Jahnke, Stephanie
BUSINESS ED-1st Flr/Jameson, Dawn
BUSINESS ED-1st Flr/Newton, Cathy
COMPUTER SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Quinn, John
COUNSELING-1st Flr/Hintz, Jenny
COUNSELING-1st Flr/Kelter, Joseph
COUNSELING-1st Flr/Kerswill, Haley
COUNSELING-1st Flr/Ongna, Alison
COUNSELING-1st Flr/Sether, Teri
ELL-1st Flr/Matushak, Jeannine
ELL-3rd Flr/Smith, Brad
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Close, Michael
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Drenk, Stacey
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Elzinga, Kimberly
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Galligan, Channon
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Haling, Kristine
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Kresin, Scott
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Masanz, John
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Randall, Hayley
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Teske, Jason
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Weber, Ian
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Xiong, Choua
GLOBAL LANGUAGE-2nd Flr/Brandner, Paola
GLOBAL LANGUAGE-2nd Flr/Reinardy, Jerry
GLOBAL LANGUAGE-2nd Flr/Tordsen, Rachel
GLOBAL LANGUAGE-2nd Flr/Torkelson, Kara
GLOBAL LANGUAGE-2nd Flr/Weber, Kellie
LIBRARY/IMC-3rd Flr/Eder, Jenny
MATH-2nd Flr/Bruggink, Jeff
MATH-2nd Flr/Hill, Karen
MATH-2nd Flr/Krueger, Jason
MATH-2nd Flr/Linzmeyer, Paul
MATH-2nd Flr/Millard, Sara
MATH-2nd Flr/Miller, Justine
MATH-2nd Flr/Moe, Dallas
MATH-2nd Flr/Myers, Jason
MATH-2nd Flr/Randall, Erin
MATH-2nd Flr/Roth, Matt
MATH-2nd Flr/Schumacher, Kris
MATH-2nd Flr/Wendling, James
MUSIC, Band-1st Flr/Emerson, Dan
MUSIC, Orchestra-1st Flr/Hornby, Kirsten
MUSIC, Vocal-1st Flr/Burrill, Brad
MUSIC, Vocal-1st Flr/Nienhuis, Sarah
PHY ED-1st Flr/Fabry, Troy
PHY ED-1st Flr/Hillman, Janna
PHY ED-1st Flr/Johnson, Matthew
PHY ED-1st Flr/Schultz, Mary
PHY ED/HEALTH-1st Flr/Richardt, Curt
PHY ED/HEALTH/AE-1st Flr/Kostroski, Tim
SCIENCE-1st Flr/Csuy, Collin
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Burazin, Alex
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Cramer, Hayley
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Derrick, Kelley
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Gates, Krista
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Gerstenberger, Carla
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Groshek, Renee
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Johnson, Andrew
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Nelson, Paul
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Scheidler, Mike
SCIENCE/AGRICULTURE-2nd Flr/Reed, Danielle
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Borreson, Monica
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Clark, Elayna
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Ellenbecker, Adam
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Foster, Deb
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Haling, Bill
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Kadonsky, Christine
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Kozlovich, John
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Schires, Kathryn
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Spratte, Vince
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Wagers, Maureen
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Boettcher, Paul, SLD
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Foster, Jason
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Koch-Engstrum, Kathy/DH/H
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Mathey, Katie/SLD
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Meverden, Brooke/SLD
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Moscinski, Monica/EBD/SLD
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Savage Christa/SLP
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Urmanski, Adam
SPECIAL SERVICES-2nd Flr/Barkholz, Dawn
SPECIAL SERVICES-2nd Flr/Lemmens, Nathan/EBD
SPECIAL SERVICES-3rd Flr/Winter, Morgan
SPECIAL SERVICES-3rd Flr/Zernicke, Crystal/SLD
TECH ED-1st Flr/Brandt, Brian
TECH ED-1st Flr/Peterson, Theran
TECH ED-1st Flr/Polak, Nick