Wausau West High School
Wausau, WI
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Wausau West High School Parent Techer Conference scheduling system. When choosing your conferences, please be aware of the following:

1. Please select your child's grading teacher(s) from the enclosed progress report, or from the Infinite Campus webpage. To find out their grading teacher from Infinite Campus, please click on the "Grades" hotlink, located on the left-hand side of the main page. A list of your student's classes will be available. Click on the blue hotlink class name, then click on the Course Info tab. The name of your child's teacher, along with their contact information will be listed.

2. Note the Google Meet code, or if choosing an in-person conference, the location of conference (1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor).

3. IMPORTANT! Please make sure to indicate "Google Meet" or "In-person" under Special Request when choosing a time for your conference.

You will be asked to select the event and then enter your names and email. The system will then send you a link to choose your appointment time(s). From that link you may add or change times.

AG/SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Reed, Danielle
AGRICULTURE-1st Flr/Staszak, Joe
ART-1st Flr/Artus, Maria
ART-1st Flr/Hinke, Sara
ART-1st Flr/Slowiak, Samantha
BUSINESS ED - 1st Flr/Erickson, Karolyn
BUSINESS ED-1st Flr/Fuller, Taryn
BUSINESS ED-1st Flr/Hert, Carl
BUSINESS ED-1st Flr/Jameson, Dawn
BUSINESS ED-1st Flr/Newton, Cathy
BUSINESS ED-1st Flr/Roerdink, W. Keith
COMPUTER SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Quinn, John
COUNSELING-1st Flr/Grzadzielewski, Robert
COUNSELING-1st Flr/Hintz, Jenny
COUNSELING-1st Flr/Kelter, Joseph
COUNSELING-1st Flr/Kerswill, Haley
COUNSELING-1st Flr/Sether, Teri
EL-3rd Flr/Anderson, Regina
EL-3rd Flr/Litman, Tyler
EL-3rd Flr/Okabe, Yumiko
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Close, Michael
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Cosby, Tekoya
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Elzinga, Kimberly
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Galligan, Channon
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Haling, Kristine
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Hein, Aimee
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Kresin, Scott
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Masanz, John
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Schunk, Amy
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Solum, Brenna
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Teske, Jason
ENGLISH-3rd Flr/Xiong, Choua
FAMILY/CONSUMER ED - 1st Flr/Bellanti, Carry
FAMILY/CONSUMER ED-1st Flr/Sirny, Trisha
FAMILY/CONSUMER ED/HEALTH-1st Flr/Van Oosten, Amanda
GLOBAL LANGUAGE - 2nd Flr/Rock, Kirsten
GLOBAL LANGUAGE-2nd Flr/Reinardy, Jerry
GLOBAL LANGUAGE-2nd Flr/Tordsen, Rachel
GLOBAL LANGUAGE-2nd Flr/Torkelson, Kara
GLOBAL LANGUAGE-2nd Flr/Weber, Kellie
LIBRARY/IMC-3rd Flr/Eder, Jenny
MATH-2nd Flr/Curtin, Loralee
MATH-2nd Flr/Hill, Karen
MATH-2nd Flr/Krueger, Jason
MATH-2nd Flr/Linzmeyer, Paul
MATH-2nd Flr/Marquardt, Jeff
MATH-2nd Flr/Millard, Sara
MATH-2nd Flr/Moe, Dallas
MATH-2nd Flr/Myers, Jason
MATH-2nd Flr/Roth, Matt
MATH-2nd Flr/Schmelling, Erik
MATH-2nd Flr/Schumacher, Kris
MATH-2nd Flr/Wendling, James
MUSIC, Vocal-1st Flr/Nienhuis, Sarah
MUSIC-1st Flr/Emerson, Dan
MUSIC-1st Flr/Hornby, Kirsten
MUSIC-1st Flr/Ruhl, Kevin
PHY ED-1st Flr-Xiong, Nancy
PHY ED-1st Flr/Fabry, Troy
PHY ED-1st Flr/Hillman, Janna
PHY ED-1st Flr/Johnson, Matthew
PHY ED-1st Flr/Schultz, Mary
PHY ED/HEALTH-1st Flr/Kostroski, Tim
PHY ED/HEALTH-1st Flr/Richardt, Curt
SCIENCE - 2nd Flr/Burazin, Alex
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Cramer, Hayley
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Csuy, Collin
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Derrick, Kelley
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Erdman, Randy
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Gates, Krista
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Gerstenberger, Carla
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Groshek, Renee
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Johnson, Andrew
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Nelson, Paul
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Scheidler, Mike
SCIENCE-2nd Flr/Wright, Brianna
SOCIAL STUDIES - 3rd Flr/Borreson, Monica
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Clark, Elayna
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Ellenbecker, Adam
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Haling, Bill
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Kadonsky, Christine
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Kozlovich, John
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Roth, Ashley
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Schires, Kathryn
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Schremp, Jacquelyn
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Spratte, Vince
SOCIAL STUDIES-3rd Flr/Wagers, Maureen
SPECIAL SERVICES - 1st Flr/Boettcher, Paul
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Baker, Kelly
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Foster, Jason
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Gilbertson, Melissa
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Lemmens, Nathan
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Lodahl, Ben
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Meverden, Brooke
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Moscinski, Monica
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Perdue, Kelly/Social Worker
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Peterson, Nick
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Pupp, Keith
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Urmanski, Adam
SPECIAL SERVICES-1st Flr/Zernicke, Crystal
SPECIAL SERVICES-2nd Flr/Kleinhans, Matthew
SPECIAL SERVICES-3rd Flr/Barkholz, Dawn
SPECIAL SERVICES-3rd Flr/Niziolek, Rachel
SPECIAL SERVICES-DHH-2nd Flr/Walbeck, Dawn
TECH ED - 1st Flr/Brandt, Brian
TECH ED-1st Flr/Peterson, Theran
TECH ED-1st Flr/Polak, Nick
WEST ACADEMY-1st Flr/Mathey, Katie
WEST ACADEMY-1st Flr/Mills, Alex
WEST ACADEMY-1st Flr/Tetzlaff, Jill