Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay parent/guardian/teacher conference scheduling system. The parent/teacher conferences at the high school are intended to give parents an opportunity to briefly chat with track and main lesson teachers and touch base with your student's advisor. Appointments are 10 minutes long, and generally parents meet with 3 to 5 teachers. If a longer time is needed, a follow up visit can be arranged.

Time Blocks are divided up in 15 minute time slots. 5 minutes of that time is for changing from one conference to another. Please be mindful of your allotted time slots; arrive on time for your conferences and leave when your time is up. Parents should knock on the door if a conference is going on after the allotted time.

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Unfortunately there are no conferences available for registration at this stage. Please come back later.