Taconic High School
Pittsfield, MA
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Taconic High School parent teacher conference scheduling system.

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Ahamad, English/Mathematics Teacher
Alemany, Special Education Teacher
Arace, Mathematics Teacher
Barber, Health Technology Teacher
Barber, Mathematics Teacher
Betti, Business Teacher
Bienvenue, Student Adjustment Counselor
Bowers, Science Teacher
Boyce, Auto Mechanics Teacher
Bronson, Special Education Teacher
Chamberlain, Physics Teacher
Chevalier, Special Education Teacher
Cochran, Librarian
Cook, Social Studies
Cornish, Social Studies
Costello, Biology Teacher
Crawford, Online Learning Teacher
Curtis, Cosmetology Teacher
Cusson, French Teacher
Dearborn, Mathematics Teacher
DiSimoni, Business Teacher
Downs, Band Teacher
Doyle, Physical Education Teacher
Duffy, English Teacher
Ferris, English Teacher
Flynn, Social Studies
Frost, Mathematics Teacher
Gariepy, Social Studies Teacher
Green, Health Technology Teacher
Harrington, Special Education
Haughey, Health Technology Teacher
Hiser, Auto Mechanics
Houle, Special Education
Hurley, English Teacher
Iorio, Guidance Counselor
Jagiello, English Teacher
Jankowski, Metal Fab Teacher
LaFerriere, Spanish Teacher
Lallatin, English Teacher
Larkin, Spanish Teacher
Lattrell, English Teacher
Lausier, Machine Tech Teacher
Maddalena, Guidance Counselor
Maloy, Physical Education Teacher
McCann, Special Education Teacher
McNeice, Business Teacher
Meier, Chemistry Teacher
Michalenko, Machine Tech Teacher
Michaud, Biology Teacher
Moon, Culinary Art Teacher
Passetto, Music Teacher
Pearson, Biology Taecher
Pemble, Metal Fab Teacher
Penna, Culinary Art Teacher
Perez, Mathematics Teacher
Perrone, Italian Teacher
Phelps, Social Studies Teacher
Place, Guidance Counselor
Potash, Biology Teacher
Putnam, Spanish Teacher
Quallen, Mathematics Teacher
Ray, Cosmetology Teacher
Renton, Carpentry Teacher
Saldo, Art Teacher
Salvie, Guidance Counselor
Schwartz, ESL Teacher
Senger, Carpentry Teacher
Sheehan, ESL Teacher
Siegel, Mathematics Teacher
Simonds, Co-operative Education Coordinator
Simpson-Gomes, English Teacher
Slattery, Social Studies Tecaher
Smachetti, Health & Human Development Teacher
Smith, English Teacher
Stannard, Physical Education Teacher
Stevens, Art Teacher
Stevenson, School Nurse
Sweener, Social Studies Teacher
Thompson, Early Childhood Education
Walter, Mathematics Teacher
Weber, Special Education
Webster, Social Studies Teacher
Weeks, Physical Education Teacher
Willis, Special Eduaction Teacher
Wojcik, Business Teacher
Ziemek, Chemistry Teacher