Southview Elementary
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to Conferences - Winter 2023.

You will be asked to select the event and then enter your names and email. The system will then send you a link to choose your appointment time(s). From that link you may add or change times.

Brittany Fisher
Jill Baty
Kristen Michaelson
Lisa Pederson
Tracy Davis
1st Grade
Bobbie Kunkel
Christine Gile
Erin Strey
Jenny Essen
Kristy Gutierrez
2nd Grade
Caroline Manship
Kristina Lallas
Kristy Shromoff
Tracy Lynn
3rd Grade
Abby Brinkmeier
Emily Wendorff
Kelly Chesnik
Megan Netzinger
4th Grade
Danielle McDonald
Jenny McGregor
Katie Vanderport
Katlin Mulsoff
5th Grade
Katy Ploehn
Kristine Ritchie
Nancy Sherman
Shannon Snesrud
Amy Theis
Keely Lawrence
Mariah Watson
Melissa Olsen
Michelle Chouanard
Stephaine Madson
Dianne Kersteter
Greg Barnes
Jill Derouin
Richard Schrick