Shiloh Christian School
Bismarck, ND
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Shiloh Christian School Parent/Teacher Conference scheduling system. Please select your child's grade/teacher below:

You will be asked to select the event and then enter your names and email. The system will then send you a link to choose your appointment time(s). From that link you may add or change times.

P/T Conf. ES-Kimberley Winfield (Art K-5, Gym K)
P/T Conf. ES-Stephanie Kuhn (Music K-4)
P/T Conf. ES-Wes Jacobson (Gym 1-5)
P/T Conf. HS-Amanda Willenbring (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, College Algebra, Statistics)
P/T Conf. HS-Angelie Balangue (English 10/12, College Composition)
P/T Conf. HS-Heidi Schwantes (Social Studies 10-12)
P/T Conf. HS-Jeremy Hein (Bible 9-12, Worldviews)
P/T Conf. HS-Jessi Nadeau (Biology, Botany, Env. Science, Anatomy, Forensics, Microbiology)
P/T Conf. HS-Judea Gamundoy (English 9/11, Speech)
P/T Conf. HS-Kenneth Opsal (Psychology, Sociology)
P/T Conf. MS-April Blotske (English 6-8)
P/T Conf. MS-Marcus Staley (Science 6-7, Math 7-8)
P/T Conf. MS-Mark Kunze (Social Studies 6, Math 6, Bible 6)
P/T Conf. MS-Randi Fuchs (Bible 6-8)
P/T Conf. Kindergarten-Amanda Fuller
P/T Conf. Kindergarten-Sarah Eriksen
P/T Conf. Kindergarten-Sarah Waldoch
P/T Conf. Grade 1-Bethany Noble
P/T Conf. Grade 1-Emily Lee
P/T Conf. Grade 1-Paige Berglund
P/T Conf. Grade 2-Haley Schwen
P/T Conf. Grade 2-Hannah Harvey
P/T Conf. Grade 2-Kayla Walker
P/T Conf. Grade 3-Lindsay Wagner
P/T Conf. Grade 3-Siri Coleman
P/T Conf. Grade 3-Stephanie Blomseth
P/T Conf. Grade 4-Annette Kaip
P/T Conf. Grade 4-Sonya Miller
P/T Conf. Grade 5-Julie Seifert/Courtney Smith (conf. are with both teachers at same time)
P/T Conf. ES/MS/HS-Jen Anderson (Spanish K-7, Bible 10)
P/T Conf. ES/MS/HS-Nicholas Mortenson (Music 5, Band 5-12)
P/T Conf. MS/HS-Andrew Wiedrich (Math 7, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-calculus, Calculus)
P/T Conf. MS/HS-Charlene Nemec (MS Spanish 8, HS Spanish 1, 2, 3)
P/T Conf. MS/HS-Cherise Pfaff (Art 6-12)
P/T Conf. MS/HS-Dan Seifert (PE 6-9, Health 9, Fitness, Officiating)
P/T Conf. MS/HS-Evan Eriksmoen (Tech 7, Management, Marketing, Multimedia)
P/T Conf. MS/HS-Kathy Ring (Choir 6-12)
P/T Conf. MS/HS-Marci Johnson (Science 8, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics)
P/T Conf. MS/HS-Paul Bultema (Social Studies 7-9)
P/T Conf. MS/HS-Shayne Haustveit (Tech 6/8, Bus. Comp. App. 9, Accounting)