Oxford Hills Middle School
South Paris, ME
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Oxford Hills Middle School parent teacher conference scheduling system. Please select each of your child's classes/teachers below:

(The way this works is you first select what conference(s) you want and enter your names and email. The system then sends you a link to choose appointment times. From that link you can also add and change registrations.)

7th Grade
7th Grade Guidance-North Campus-Mr Baer
7th Grade Guidance-South Campus-Mr Baer
North Campus-7th Grade Art- Mrs. Moccia
North Campus-7th Grade Physical Education-Ms. Dunham
South Campus-Team Sebago-7th Grade Art- Mrs. Johnson
South Campus-Team Sebago-7th Grade Language Arts- Mr. Burke
South Campus-Team Sebago-7th Grade Math- Mrs. O'Brian Foster
South Campus-Team Sebago-7th Grade Science- Mr. Catanese
South Campus-Team Sebago-7th Grade Writing- Mrs. Faith
South Campus-Team Sebago-8th Grade Health- Mr. LaFlamme
Team Allagash-7th Grade Language Arts-Mrs. Holbrook
Team Allagash-7th Grade Math-Mrs. Huff
Team Allagash-7th Grade Science-Mr. Lance
Team Allagash-7th Grade Writing-Mrs. Jacobs
Team Baxter-7th Grade Language Arts- Mrs. Mariner
Team Baxter-7th Grade Math- Mrs. Eastman
Team Baxter-7th Grade Science- Mrs. Sutton
Team Baxter-7th Grade Writing- Miss Shaw
8th Grade
8th Grade Guidance, Ms. Li-North Campus
8th Grade Guidance, Ms. Li-South Campus
North Campus-8th Grade Health- Mrs. Feely
North Campus-8th Grade Spanish- Mrs. Holman
South Campus-8th Grade Physical Education-Mr. Sweeney
South Campus-Team Sebago-8th Grade Language Arts- Mr. LeComte
South Campus-Team Sebago-8th Grade Math- Mr. Emmons
South Campus-Team Sebago-8th Grade Science- Mrs. Palmer
South Campus-Team Sebago-8th Grade Social Studies- Mr. Wells
Team Allagash-8th Grade Language Arts- Mrs. Moxcey
Team Allagash-8th Grade Math- Mr. MacGregor
Team Allagash-8th Grade Science- Miss Knox
Team Allagash-8th Grade Social Studies- Mr. Cummings
Team Baxter-8th Grade Language Arts- Ms. McLean-Wheeler
Team Baxter-8th Grade Math- Mr. Shaw
Team Baxter-8th Grade Science- Mr. Knights
Team Baxter-8th Grade Social Studies- Mrs. Wood
Cathy Routhier-North Campus-Social Worker
Math Intervention North Campus- Mrs. Hartnett
Math Intervention South Campus- Mrs. Hartnett
Reading Intervention, North Campus- Mrs. Castonguay
Reading Intervention, South Campus- Mrs. Castonguay
South Campus-Team Sebago-Special Education- Mr. Rothrock
Team Allagash-Applied Academics-Mrs. Carson/Dock
Team Allagash-Life Skills- Mrs. Martin
Team Allagash-Special Education-Mrs. Farnum
Team Baxter-Special Education- Mrs. Williamson
Team Sebago Day Treatment-South Campus- Mr. Hakanson