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High School
Mr. Allen Gharbieh (7+8+9 ICT)
Ms. Bodour Banazzonz (IG Business & Accounts)
Mr. Brandon Miles (7-9+IG History)
Mr. Donovan Mathane (7+9+IG Maths)
Mr. Hafez Al-Halabi (7+8+9 French)
Mr. Hamdi Shweikeh (7+9+IG Physics/Science)
Mr. Keval Patel (IG Business/Economics)
Ms. Maha Mahmoud (7+8+IG English)
Ms. Maha Odat (8+9+IG English)
Mr. Munir Ali (7+9+IG Science/Biology)
Ms. Najwa El-Gharib (9+IG Science/Chemistry)
Ms. Nicola Rickard (8+9+IG English)
Ms. Nivine Tannous (7+8 Science)
Ms. Nour Hassan (8+9+IG Maths)
Mr. Ryno Fouri (7-9+IG Geography)
Mr. Samer Abualrub (7 English)
Mr. Walid Aly (IG ICT)
Sr. Kindergarten
Ms. Brandi Ananzeh (REC)
Ms. Dina Al-Ashri (REC)
Ms. Luyanda Mayisa (REC)
Ms. Ruba Al-Soumi (REC)
Ms. Beata Assaad
Ms. Lamia Awadallah
1st Grade
Ms. Farah Kaffaja
Ms. Marasha Pillay
Ms. Maya Sobh
Ms. Nahla Manna
Ms. Reem Otry
2nd Grade
Ms. Amna Jaber
Ms. Hally Zoughby
Ms. Judith De Wee
Ms. Liza Garjikian
Ms. Neha Qadri
Ms. Zainab Hassan
3rd Grade
Ms. Bindhu Antoo
Ms. Jana Kies
Ms. Maria Machatova
Ms. Nicole Louw
Ms. Raghida Shoukaa
Ms. Sara Majed
4th Grade
Ms. Alyssa Reddy
Ms. Manjula Sekar
Ms. Ola Nimer
Ms. Shaimaa Samir
Ms. Shivani Padayachee
Ms. Sonia Bani Almarjeh
5th Grade
Ms. Reem Saffouri (English)
Mr. Zane Isaacs (Maths)
6th Grade
Ms. Bassent Ismael (Maths)
Ms. Ebtesam Al-Abed (5+6 Humanities)
Ms. Jacil Dsa (5+6 Science)
Ms. Nermine Abdulkader (4-6 French)
Ms. Ruby Isaacs (5+6 English)
Ms. Shamiya Hayder (4-6 ICT)
Ms. Zarina Ali-Iqbal (5+6 Maths)
Mr. Abdulmajid Shabaan (6 Arabic)
Ms. Ahmad Mahmoud (6+8 Islam)
Mr. Ahmed Asqalany (9+10 Islam)
Mr. Ahmed Zakarya (11 Arabic)
Mr. Alaa Mohamed (5 Arabic)
Ms. Amani Abdultawab (2 Arabic)
Ms. Asma'a Kamal (4 Arabic)
Ms. EKbal Mohammed (KG+REC Islam)
Mr. Elsayed Fathi (7+10 Islam)
Mr. Elsayed Mohamed (7-10 Arabic)
Ms. Ferial Fares (2-6 AFL)
Mr. Gazi Mohammed (3 Islam)
Mr. Hasanien Mohammed (7+9 Arabic)
Ms. Hoda Moawad (3+4 Arabic)
Ms. Huda Adel (1 Arabic)
Ms. Maysaa Al-Saeed (KG+REC Arabic)
Mr. Mohamed ALsayed (5+6 Islam)
Mr. Mohammad Yousef (7+8+10 Arabic)
Ms. Mona Alsayed (2-4 Islam)
Ms. Noura Albeyomy
Ms. Rihab Abdelaal (4+5 Arabic)
Ms. Rofida Hegazy (1+2 Arabic)
Ms. Sally Ebraheem (5+6 Arabic)
Ms. Salsabil Elsayed (3+4 Arabic)
Mr. Samy Abdellatif (8+9+10 Arabic)
Ms. Sarah Maroof (3-10 IFL)
Mr. Tarek Ali (4+5 Islam)