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Atkins, Erin - Science
Boughton, Jennifer - Math/Science
Bowling, Shannon - PE
Brew, Sarah - Science
Buckley, Audra - French
Carlo, Amanda - Special Ed
Caster, Katie - English
Clark, Peter - Financial Services
Conner, Kim - FCS/Butler Tech
Crawford, Cassie - Orchestra
Davenport, Michelle
Dunn, Richard - Special Ed
Ebersole, Eric - Science
Ficker, Doug - Social Studies
Flickinger, Bryan - Special Ed
Flickinger, Joe - Social Studies
Geiger, Bethanie - Special Ed
Gilardi, Judy - English
Gilker, Barbra
Gilliand, Shawn - English
Hotopp, Ashley - Special Ed
Huening, Tim - Band
Humbert, Debbie - Special Ed
Johnson, Lee - Social Studies
Jones, Emily - Counselor
Jones, Jennifer - Science
Kelley, Donnie - Construction
Knull, Steve - Math
Kremer, Matt- Special Ed
Lavalley, Tonia
Long, Lindsey - Spanish
Mahon, Chris- Special Ed
Mangold, Andy - Math
Margevicius, Renee - Math
Marratta, Matt - Chorus
Matson, Fred - English
McMullen, Sarah - English
Meyers, Stephanie - Science
Miller, Brian - Special Ed
Morgan, Austin - Math
Posta,Brooks - Social Studies
Rudolph, Megan - Sports Medicine
Schueler, V. - Counselor
Seger, Timothy - PE
Simoneau, Mary - Health
Spence, Lori - Eagles Gate
Stanley, Kendall
Stewart, Andrea - Art
Stosur, Danielle - Chemistry
Summers, Brittany - Counselor
Taylor, Michelle - Social Studies
Timmers, Allie - Work & Family Life
Tuertscher, Megan - English
Turney-Smith, T. - Business
Tyler, Kyra - Cosmetology
Van Gaasbeek, Brett - Social Studies
Wagner, Chris - Math
Williamson, Jason - Spanish
Woodward, Mindy - Special Ed
Yerigan, Rick - Digital Media
Young, Jeremy - Special Ed
Young, Kelli - Math