Newburyport High School
Newburyport, MA
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Newburyport High School parent teacher conference scheduling system. Please select your child's teacher below:

If no times are listed for a particular teacher, please contact the teacher via email.

Pick your conference(s), then register name and contact info. This creates a registration for each conference and sends you a confirmation email with a link to choose appointment times. On that same page, you will be able to add and change both registrations and appointments.

Aileen Maconi - Visual Art
AJ Smith - Visual Art
Alden Metz - Spanish
Allison Cutcliffe - Spanish
Alyson Osgood - Social Studies
Amanda Drugan - Special Education
Amy Haas - Math
Amy Heath - Wellness (Girls Locker Room)
Ben Smokski - History
Beth Taylor - Special Ed.
Brandon Sturma - Social Studies
Carly Fair - Adjustment Counselor
Carol Stuart - Special Education
Catherine Taggart - Science
Cheryl Zaino - Internships
Chrissa Pissios - ELL
Christine Schwartz - Social Studies
Colleen Fallon - Science
Constantina Knecht - English
David Clay - Special Ed.
Deborah Szabo - English
Dominick Masi - Science
Elizabeth Libby - Special Ed.
Emily Hoyt - English
Erica Hansen - Special Education
Erin Connors - Special Ed.
Erin Hobbs - Science
Graciela Cummins - Spanish
Jessica Buchman - Special Ed.
Jill Archie - Spanish
Jillian Moran - Science
John Trask - Business
Karen Chiklakis - Math
Kathleen Michko - English
Ken Cole - Science
Kevin Sheridan - Math
Kirsten Stetson - German
Lisa Zaleski - Performing Arts
Lori Solazzo - Math
Mark Littlefield - Math
Mary Rakoski - Visual Art
Matt LaChapelle - Social Studies
Megan Grandmont - English
Melissa Farmer - English
Melissa Hannigan - Special Education
Melissa Martin - Math
Michelle Addario - Spanish
Michelle MacDougall - Math
Mike Guthrie - Wellness (Health Room)
Nadine Holohan - Wellness (Nutrition)
Nicole Twomey - Special Education
Olivia Timmins - History
Paul Goldner - Science
Paul Yameen - Wellness (Weight Room)
Peter Hill - Social Studies
Peter Murray - Wellness
Sarah Leadbeater - Technology / Math
Sarah Scannell - English
Sean McCarthy - Science
Shannon Osgood - Social Studies
Shawn Bleau - Special Ed.
Spencer Wolf - German
Stephanie Williams - Performing Arts and Video
Steven Cohen - Performing Arts
Thomas Abrams - English
Tim Kachel - Science
Tina Cochran - Special Ed.
Tracy Glynn - Math
Wendy Crofts - English
Wendy Lavigne - Math