Loveland High School
Loveland, OH
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Loveland High School parent teacher conference scheduling system for the 9/27/18 conferences. Please select your child's teachers below to access the time blocks, check availability and schedule appointments.

Check as many teachers as you would like to see for the same student to access their schedules and then click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. Click on an unfilled time for each, then click "confirm." If the schedule is full, please contact the teacher directly via email. If the teacher you wish to see is not listed, please email Linda Erney at and she will assist you.

Pick your conference(s), then register name and contact info. This creates a registration for each conference and sends you a confirmation email with a link to choose appointment times. On that same page, you will be able to add and change both registrations and appointments.

Mr Adams (Math)
Mr Allison (Science)
Mrs. Aspenwall (Science)
Mr. Barrett (Art)
Mr. Baugh (Language Arts)
Mrs. Belknap (Math)
Mrs. Bimonte (Innovation Lab)
Mr. Boisvert (Foreign Language)
Mrs. Boling (Special Education)
Mr. Bowdler (Math)
Mrs. Brannock (Special Education)
Mrs. Brinkman (Foreign Language)
Mrs Bruggeman (Language Arts)
Mrs. Buck (Language Arts)
Ms. Burge (Science)
Mrs. Burns (Art)
Ms. Byrkett (Math)
Mrs. Carnahan (Appl. Tech)
Mrs Chast (Science)
Ms. Connor (PE/Health)
Mr. Cranford (PE/Health)
Mr. Damewood (Language Arts)
Mrs. Dell (Math)
Mrs. Denier (Special Ed)
Mr. Derrick
Ms. Dietz (Math)
Mr. Dorsey (Science)
Mrs Duhl (Language Arts)
Mr. Dunlap (Science)
Mrs. Earl (Intervention Specialist)
Mrs. Earl (World Language)
Mr. Ernst (Foreign Language)
Mr. Fitzpatric (Music-Jazz)
Mr. Geiger (Social Studies)
Mr. Gillespie (Special Ed)
Mrs. Grannen (Math)
Mrs. Grant (Art)
Mrs. Hacker (Language Arts)
Mr. Hart (Academic Lab/APEX)
Mrs. Haury ( Intervention Specialist)
Ms. Henderlong (Social Studies)
Ms. Henderson (Language Arts)
Mr. Herbert (Social Studies)
Mrs. Hudson (Foreign Language)
Mr. Hutzel (Language Arts)
Mr. Jones (Language Arts)
Mrs. Jones (Science)
Mr. Kenyon (Math)
Mrs Koch (Foreign Language)
Mrs. Krohn (Special Ed)
Mr. Laufman AP Physics
Mr. Laughman (PE/Health)
Mrs. Lowry Mr. Thomas (long term sub) (Social Studies)
Mrs. Manger (Special Education)
Mr. Marchal (Applied Tech)
Mrs. McCarty (Foreign Language)
Mr. McCarty (Special Education)
Mrs. Menard (Math)
Mr. Miller,G (Music - Band)
Mr. Miller,S (Music - Choral)
Mrs. Moore (Special Education)
Mr. Murnan (Business)
Mrs. Niemeyer (Art)
Mrs. Nkhata (Science)
Mrs. Overbeeke (Language Arts)
Mrs. Partridge (Science)
Mrs. Powers (Math)
Mr. Reed (Social Studies)
Mrs. Sambuchino (Teaching Professions Academy)
Mrs.Scherman (Science)
Mrs. Schweinefus (Language Arts)
Ms. Shelley (Math)
Mrs. Singleton (Language Arts)
Ms. Stewart (Project Lead the Way)
Mrs. Swaine (Special Education)
Mrs. Swensen (Math)
Mr. Switzer (Social Studies)
Mr.Thomas (PE/Health)
Mr. Vanatsky (Social Studies)
Mrs. Viox (Applied Tech)
Mr. Volkman (Soclal Studies)
Mr. Wanstrath (Social Studies)
Mr. Ward (Science)
Mr. Warden (Social Studies)
Mr. Weathers (Social Studies)
Mrs. Wexler (Work & Family)
Mrs. Wilkerson (Language Arts)
Mrs. Woodruff (Art)