Level Creek Elementary
Suwanee, GA
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Level Creek Elementary parent teacher conference scheduling system.

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Hobgood/Smith Conferences
Kelley Payne
Marilyn Lucas
Mrs. Octavia Rowe
Mrs. Sharp
1st Grade
Anita Pender / Jennifer Nunez Parent Conferences
Kathy Strauss
Lisa Vogel Parent/Teacher Conferences
2nd Grade
Dennis & Miele DLI Fall Conference's
Gabriella Andrade
Jayson Washington
Jenna Drake's Parent/Teacher Conferences
Nicolle Higgins
Stacey Speicher Parent/Teacher Conferences
3rd Grade
Mr. Frank Torres & Mrs. Tendayi Taylor
Janelle Draper
Jennie Tate
Jessica Richter
Robyn Maultsby
Mr. Tim Haxton
4th Grade
Mrs. Flanter & Mrs. Carnazzo's Zoom (Tues. & Wed only) and In Person Conferences (All Other Times
Katie Turner
Sarah Frederick & Rachel Cittadino
Theresa King & Diane Moon
5th Grade
Greg Singleton & Jennifer James
Hope Cummings
Mrs. Isaac
Jill Miner
Shaila Khaki
Cara Wagner
Roxann Bennerman