Lawrenceville Elementary School
Lawrenceville, GA
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Lawrenceville Elementary School Parent-Teacher conference scheduling system. Please select your child's class/teacher below:

Bienvenidos al sistema computarizado de Lawrenceville Elementary para hacer su cita para la Reunión de Padres y Maestros.Por favor seleccione el maestro(a) de su niño debajo:

(The way this works is you first select what conference(s) you want and enter your names and email. The system then sends you a link to choose appointment times. From that link you can also add and change registrations.)

Pre K - Parson
Pre K - Valentino
Pre-K - Pickering
0Kdg - Cuenca
0kdg - Donald
0Kdg - Dunn
0Kdg - May
0kdg -Jones
Kindergarten Fall Conference - Ms. Thomas
1st Grade
1st - Cochran
1st - Leonard
1st - Ngoh
1st - Pryor
1st - Winfrey
2nd Grade
2nd - Brinkley
2nd - Her
2nd - Mayberry
2nd - Young
3rd Grade
3rd - Coyle-Waite
3rd - Rawlins
3rd - Rixford
3rd - Spencer
4th Grade
4th - Alford
4th - Clark
4th - Dalton
4th - Hornsby
4th - Parker
5th Grade
5th - Hightower-Bobo
5th - McKoy
5th - Navarro
5th - Robinson
2nd/3rd - Griffin