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6th Grade
Anderson, Jake (Math)
Byer, Kim (Health)
Colwell, Pete (Science)
Frahm, Courtney (English/Language Arts)
Gilbertson, Mark (English/Language Arts)
Hintze, Andrianna (English/Language Arts)
Johnson, Sara (Health)
Kostroski, Sheila (Math)
Krohn, Karla (Science & English/Lang Arts)
Lang, Terrie (English/Language Arts/READ180)
MacEachern, Steve (Science)
Myers, Taneal (LD)
Reed, Paula (English/Lang Arts)
Riege, Amanda (Social Studies)
Smith, Stan (Sub for Schaefer, Ryan) (Math)
Wiesman, Heidi (Social Studies)
Zemke, Patty (Health)
Zuelke, Debbie (Math)
7th Grade
Albee, Jon (Science)
Butalla, Shannon (Math)
Dalsky, Matthew (Math)
Eick, Chris (LD)
Johnson, Kelly (English/Language Arts)
Johnson, Michael (Math)
Larson, Lisa (English/Language Arts)
Lind, Beth (Sub for Halpin, Mallory) (English/Language Arts)
Salzman, Jeff (Math)
Stelzer, Sara (English/Language Arts)
Timken, Matt (Social Studies)
Viegut, Ann (Social Studies)
Zierten, Brittney (Science)
8th Grade
Aspenes, Grace (Math)
Betry, Tina (Math)
Clemment, Carrie (Math)
de Jong, Perry (Social Studies)
Emrick, Rachel (Math)
Erdman, Randy (Science)
Framke, Nikki (English/Language Arts)
Janssen, Heather (French)
Kummer, Kayla (English/Lang Arts)
Kutchenriter, Christina (English/Language Arts)
Lemmer, Ann (English/Language Arts)
McQuillin, Tara (Sub for Buelow, Jacci) (Social Studies)
Parlier, Dana (Math)
Rock, Kirsten (Spanish)
Schimmels, Lori (Spanish)
Senanayake, Yumiko (Science)
Smogoleski, Jason (Math)
Tordsen, Rachel (German)
Wurzer, Sue (LD)
Bauer, Brian (Technology)
Baumann, Maria (Music)
Bloomer, Kathy (Art)
Boller, Aaron (Gifted/Talented Resource Teacher)
Breu-Forbes, Tricia (EL & RtI)
Brown, Travis (Physical Ed)
Cyrtmus, Courtney (Phy Ed)
Diener, Angela (Technology)
Drewek, Kari (ID)
Engel, Courtney (Orchestra)
Genrich, Jennifer (FCS)
Gilbertson, Melissa (LD)
Heindel, Claire (ID)
Hettinga, Jody (Music)
Hoenecke, Matthew (Music)
Hopperdietzel, Ken (Technology)
Jaeger, Rico (Music)
Jose, Kearsten (DHH)
Joswick, Mary (LD)
Kell, Natalie (LD)
LaRue, Luann (Physical Ed)
Lor, Steve (Physical Ed)
Marrier, Andrew (Band)
Martindale, Austin (Sub for Drewek, Daniel) (Moving Forward)
Mistlebauer, Jodi (World Cultures)
Moe, Dallas (Math)
Paul, Kimber (EBD)
Pisca, Sarah (Band)
Priebe, Ryan (Art)
Smet, Dan (Health/Physical Ed)
Thompson, Stephanie (EL & RtI)
Thomson, Andrea (EL & RtI)
Timken, Sarah (READ 180)
Vandehey, Sheri (Music)
VanOosten, Amanda (FCS)
Weis, Lyn (Math & RtI)
Zierten, Paul (Physical Ed)
Barkholz, Dawn - VI Specialist
DeCaire-Denk, Amanda - School Psychologist
Nilles, Sarah - Social Worker
Niziolek, Rachel - Orientation & Mobility Specialist
Savage-Gore, Christa - Speech/Language Specialist