Glenburn, ME
Conference Scheduler

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Intervention Specialist
Mrs. Diane Norris-Speech Pathologist
Mrs. Julie Monk
Mrs. Susan Palmer
Title 1 - Mrs. Debbie Bird
Mrs. Victoria Grotton/Ms. Kimberly Allen - PreK
Mrs. Abbey Santiago - Kindergarten
Mrs. Kelsi Speed - Kindergarten
Mrs. Penny Rees - Kindergarten
1st Grade
Mrs. Alexandra Dupre - Grade 1
Miss Breanne Tewhey - Grade 1
Mrs. Jane Reynolds - Grade 1
2nd Grade
Mrs. Julie Berry and Mrs. Karen Randall - Grade 2
3rd Grade
Mrs. Erin Webb - Grade 3
Mrs. Kayla McGinley - Grade 3
Mrs. Theresa Fortin - Grade 3
4th Grade
Miss Chelsea Richards-Grade 4
Mrs. Jenny Stahl - Grade 4
5th Grade
Ms. Amanda Green
Mrs. Chelsea Kirk - Grade 5
6th Grade
Ms. Erin Smith- ELA and Social Studies Grade 6
7th Grade
Ms. Deborah Crocker - ELA and Social Studies Grade 7
Miss Audra Whitney-Social Studies Grade 7 HR 7-3 and Grade 8
Ms. Deedra Leavitt-Science Grade 7 HR 7-3 and Grade 8
Mrs. Janet Ecker/Mrs. Sari Ohmart-4/5 Multiage
Mrs. Kimberly Nadeau-ELA Grade 7 HR 7-3 and Grade 8
Mr. Michael Cassidy-Math Grade 6 and Grade 7 HR 7-1 and 7-2
Mrs. Natalie Fournier-Science Grade 6 and Grade 7 HR 7-1 and 7-2
Mrs. Stephanie McLean-Math Grade 7 HR 7-3 and Grade 8
Mr. David Davis-Technology
Mrs. Heidi Thayer - PE
Mr. Jaret Lizzotte - PE
Mrs. Lindsay Hartwell - Art
Mrs. Sarah Cousins - Grades 2-4 Music and Grades 5-8 Band/Chorus
Miss Sonya Miles-Grades 3-5 Resource Teacher
SPED - Mrs. Elaine LaBree - Grades K-2 Resource
SPED - Mrs. Leigh Magnan - Middle School Resource
SPED - Ms. Sandra Babcock