Eastlake Middle School
Eastlake, OH
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Eastlake Middle School parent teacher conference scheduling system. Please select your child's class/teacher below: ***When scheduling for Mrs. Ianiro and Mrs. Keidel PLEASE sign up in the SAME time slot because they will be together.

Pick your conference(s), then register name and contact info. This creates a registration for each conference and sends you a confirmation email with a link to choose appointment times. On that same page, you will be able to add and change both registrations and appointments.

Amy Clendenning
Anna Gaser
Brett Ramming
Britni Jenkins
Carla Keidel
Char Camino
Derek Grabski
Jack Archual
Jillian Forcht
Judy Konzman
Justine Ianiro
Katie Shaffer
Katy Michalski
Kelcie Virostek
Kelly White
Kenneth Kriz
Lisa Savoca
Mackenzie Clark
Michael Fellenstein
Mike Stenger
Nick Cramer
Paul Hagan
Rachael Roberts
Rick Johnson
Shannon Bothel - Dishong
Stephanie Harden
Stephanie Royko
Tracey Gryzmala
Tracy Hodson
Victoria Zalik