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6th Grade
Common Core and Math Connections teacher Ms. LeVangie
Common Core and Math Connections teacher Ms. Morett
English teacher Ms. Auer
English teacher Ms. Bartlett
English teacher Ms. Tormey
Pre-Algebra teacher Ms. Caldwell
Resource teacher Ms. Sullivan
Science teacher Mr. Glover
Science teacher Ms. O'Donnell
Science teacher Ms. O'Riordan
Social Studies teacher Ms. Gamache
Social Studies Teacher Ms. Herbert
7th Grade
English teacher Ms. Tellier
English teacher Ms. Troy
English-Writing I teacher Ms. LePore
Math teacher Ms. Joyce
Math teacher Ms. Pugsley
Resource teacher Ms. Szulak
Science teacher Ms. Lewis Santos
Social Studies teacher Mr. Bache
Social Studies teacher Mr. Giardina
8th Grade
English teacher Ms. Crane
English teacher Ms. Hunter
English teacher Ms. McCarthy
English-Writing II teacher Mr. Stewart
English/Resource teacher Ms Robinson
Math teacher Ms. Fuller
Math teacher Ms. Mauro
Math teacher Ms. McGourty
Resource teacher Mr. Lynch
Science teacher Mr. Maher
Science teacher Ms. Stevenson
Spanish teacher Ms. Fitopoulos
Art teacher Ms. Campisano
Art teacher Ms. Schulze
Band and Orchestra teacher Mr. Pearson
Chorus teacher Mr. Laskosky
ELL teacher Ms. Bagnell
ELL teacher Ms. Pendley
English and Writing II teacher Ms. Bethka
English teacher Mr. Condon
English teacher Ms. Miller
French and Spanish teacher Ms. Butler
Health teacher Ms. Carney
Math teacher Mr. Gonda
Math teacher Ms. Sheridan
P.E. teacher Mr. Caffelle
P.E. teacher Ms. Leader
P.E. teacher Mr. Puntiri
Pathways teacher Mr. Rosenthal
Pathweays teacher Ms. O'Brien
Science teacher Mr. Griffin
Science teacher Ms. Steinley
Social Studies and English-Writing I teacher Ms. Kanes
Social Studies teacher Ms. Ritland
Social Studies teacher Mr. Varone
Spanish teacher Ms. Halpin Curran
Guidance Counselor Mr. Devlin
Guidance Counselor Ms. Lacourciere
Guidance Counselor Ms. Minucci
School Psychologist Ms. Holleran
Special Education teacher Ms. Skeffington
Specialized Reading teacher Ms. Tait
Speech and Language teacher Ms. Gottlieb
Speech and Language Teacher Ms. Weinberg