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Lakeville, MN
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the East Lake Elementary parent teacher conference scheduling system.

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Kathy Adams / Wendy Gehling
Mrs. Bauer
Mrs. Carlson
Mrs. Hegseth
Mrs. McDevitt
Mrs. Oberg
Mr. Youngberg
1st Grade
Mrs. Block
Mrs. Brand
Mrs. Branscombe
Ms. Halek
Mrs. Howe
Ms. Stephani
2nd Grade
Mrs. Augedahl
Mr. Diaz
Mrs. Kovar
Mrs. Reilly
Ms. Rinowski
Ms. Sipe
3rd Grade
Mrs. DeMers
Ms. Franchino
Mrs. Frederickson
Ms. Hubbard
Mrs. Karlen
4th Grade
Mr. Higbea
Mrs. Mott
Mrs. Rice
Mrs. Schoenbauer
Mr. Sullivan
5th Grade
Mrs. Bogda
Mrs. Glogoza
Ms. Moore
Mrs. Radtke
Mr. Foster - Phy Ed
Mrs. Hanson - Art
Mrs. Mann - Vocal Music
Mrs. Nelson -Media
Mrs. Salter - Phy Ed