East Alton School District #13
East Alton, IL
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the East Alton School District #13 parent teacher conference scheduling system. Here you will schedule a date and time for your IN PERSON parent teacher conference. You will report to your students school (WECC, Eastwood or East Alton Middle School) at the date and time you select. We are excited for the opportunity to share with you our continued educational journey in your child’s classroom, your child’s achievement and assessment scores, work habits, and peer relationships.


1. Select the teacher(s) you would like to schedule a conference with and submit.

2. Enter your student’s name, your name and an active email address and submit.


3. You will receive an email from PTCFast.com

4. The email will contain a link for you to click to select your conference times.

5. Select your time, then either confirm and exit (if you are done) or register for additional classes (if you have more conferences to set up).

6. You will receive a confirmation email from PTCFast.com after your registration process is complete.

Sorry, no times are available now. Please contact us if you have any questions.