Diamond Canyon
Anthem, AZ
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Mrs. Heather (Pre-K)
Mrs. Cissell (Kindergarten) Fall Conferences
Mrs. Folkman (Kindergarten)
Ms. Francom (Kindergarten)
1st Grade
Mrs. Barnes (1st Grade)
Mrs. Dwyer (1st Grade)
Mrs. Emerson (1st Grade)
2nd Grade
Mrs. Arnold (2nd Grade)
Mrs. Sneed (2nd Grade)
Mrs. Waller, (2nd Grade)
3rd Grade
Mrs. Doss (3rd Grade)
Mrs. Emerson (3rd Grade)
Mrs. Foster (3rd Grade)
Mrs. Wagner (3rd Grade)
4th Grade
Ms. Robson (4th Grade)
Mrs. Roose (4th Grade) October Conferences
Mrs. Voortman (4th Grade)
5th Grade
Mrs. Ha (5th Grade)
Mrs. Roberts (5th Grade and Math Walk-Ups)
Mr. Snow - Parent / Teacher Conference
6th Grade
6th Grade Fall Conferences
7th Grade
Mr. Barofski (7th grade SS)
Mrs. Bruhn (7th Grade ELA)
Ms. Larner (7th Grade Math/HS Algebra)
Mr. Lyijynen (7th Grade Science)
Mrs. Walters (Physical Education and Exploratory)
8th Grade
Mrs. Bassler (8th Grade ELA)
Ms. Boyce (Physical Education and Exploratory)
Mr. Dogal (8th Grade SS)
Mr. McIntyre (8th Grade Math)
Mr. Sides (8th Grade Science)
Mrs. Anderson, (SPED K-3)
Mr. Bannoura, (Physical Education)
Mrs. Cheney (SPED Level C K-3)
Mrs. Crim (Gifted Cluster)
Mr. Hatfield (Band)
Ms. JoAnne Tsai (Mandarin)
Mrs. Kramer (Gifted)
Mrs. Liu (Mandarin Special/ High school Mandarin 1-2)
Mrs. Moran (Art)
Mrs. Nielsen, (Choir & Music)
Mrs. Peters, (SPED 3-5)
Mr. Ternes (Physical Education)
Ms. Woehler (Reading Specialist)