Clackamas Middle College
Happy Valley, OR
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Clackamas Middle College Parent/Guardian Teacher Conference scheduling system.

Conferences are on-Friday, February 2nd from 8:00am-3:45pm. During these times there will be breaks built into the schedule. Please visit the instructors for the classes you are interested in visiting. Parent Teacher Conferences are being held remotely this year using Google Meets. We are using PTC Fast to schedule CONFERENCE APPOINTMENT TIMES. Conferences are 10 minutes long. Please, don't log into your conference until your scheduled time.

Please select the teacher(s) of the classes you are interested in visiting. PTC Fast will send you an email with a link to pick times with the teachers you have selected. You will meet with teachers individually, so please don't select two teachers at the same time. Once you select your day/times, PTCFast will send you a second email confirming your times (or you can follow the link in the e-mail and print out a copy of your conferences). BE SURE AND NOTE THE DAY AND TIMES OF YOUR CONFERENCES.

Within the week, you will receive an e-mail from Clackamas Middle College with the Google Meet codes. Each teacher will have their own conference codes. You will have to match your conference teacher/time with the correct conference code. More detailed instructions will be included with the Google Meets code email.

Please call Clackamas Middle College, 503-518-5925, if you have any questions.

Sorry, no times are available now. Please contact us if you have any questions.