Fargo, ND
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Centennial Parent/Teacher Conference scheduling system. Please select your child's teacher below.

If you have questions on scheduling a time, please call the office at 701-446-4300.

Thank you!

You will be asked to select the event and then enter your names and email. The system will then send you a link to choose your appointment time(s). From that link you may add or change times.

Kindergarten - Ms. Eschbach
Kindergarten - Mrs. Jaroszewski
Kindergarten - Mrs. Kruckenberg
Kindergarten - Mrs. Nelson
Kindergarten - Ms. Trnka
1st Grade
1st Grade - Mrs. Dasovick
1st Grade - Mrs. Johnson
1st Grade - Mrs. Knudsen
1st Grade - Mrs. Linstaedt
1st Grade - Mrs. Sullivan
2nd Grade
2nd Grade - Mrs. Cromwell
2nd Grade - Ms. Esch
2nd Grade - Mrs. Hamernik
2nd Grade - Ms. Jordan
2nd Grade - Mrs. Troyer (Ferguson)
3rd Grade
3rd Grade - Mrs. Carlsrud
3rd Grade - Mr. Hall
3rd Grade - Ms. Simle
3rd Grade - Mrs. Smith
4th Grade
4th Grade - Mrs. Janssen
4th Grade - Mrs. Jensrud
4th Grade - Mr. Lee
4th Grade - Mrs. Pederson
4th Grade - Mrs. Renville (Grove)
5th Grade
5th Grade - Ms. Durbin
5th Grade - Mr. Egan
5th Grade - Ms. Jorgenson
5th Grade - Mr. Steier
5th Grade - Mrs. Suda
Art - Mrs. Hoots
Counselor - Mrs. Amerman
Counselor - Mr. Palder
Gifted & Talented - Mrs. Sandvig
Gym - Mr. Swanson
Gym - Miss Johnson
Library - Mrs. Selensky
Music - Mrs. Aamold
Music - Mrs. Knapp
Orchestra - Mr. Huckabey