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Ms. Cindy Albert, Pre-K
Mrs. Heidi Belanger, Life Skills
Mrs. Jennifer Michaud, Life Skills
Mrs. Kara Bouchard, Resource RM K-3
Mr. Rodney Deschaine, Resource RM, Math 6-8
Ms. Tina Duplissie, Pre-K
Mrs. Anna Ayer, Kindergarten
Mrs. April Belyea, Kindergarten
Ms. Jen Poitras, Kindergarten
Miss Mackenzie Beaulieu, Kindergarten
Mrs. Audra Fitzherbert, Grade 1
Mrs. Emily Rosser, Grade 1
Mrs. Mallorie Caverhill, Grade 1
Mr. Tim Collins, Grade 1
Miss Emily Keaton, Grade 2
Mrs. Meghan Russell, Grade 2
Mrs. Stacy Michaud, Grade 2
Mrs. Tina Sleeper, Grade 2
Miss Hailey Ingraham, Grade 3
Miss Hannah Saunders, Grade 3
Ms. Jessica Dow, Grade 3
Mrs. Rachel Bourgeois, Grade 3
Mrs. Beth Thibeault, Grade 4
Mrs. Cindy McDuffie, Grade 4
Ms. Jenny Theriault, Grade 4
Mrs. Karin Howe, Grade 4
Mrs. Cindy Levasseur, Grade 5
Mrs. Gillian Sleeper, Grade 5
Mrs. Jill Plante/Steve Perreault and Mr. Vaughn Martin, Grade 5
Mrs. Cheryl Pelletier and Mr. John Pelletier, Grade 6
Miss Sarah Lajoie and Ms. Jen Crawford, Grade 6
Miss Elizabeth McDonough, Grade 7
Mr. Robert Russell, Grade 7
Mrs. Susan Keaton and Arik Jepson, Grade 7
Mrs. Holly Rhinebolt, Grade 8
Mrs. Kim Barnes, Grade 8
Mrs. Shannon Sleeper, Grade 8
Mr. Troy Barnes, Grade 8
Mrs. Amy Hunter, Music/Band/Chorus
Mrs. Gail Lyford, Day Treatment K-4
Mrs. Kelli Hixon, Resource RM 4-5
Ms.Lena McShea, Art Teacher
Mrs. Lisa Anderson, Computer Science Discoveries
Mrs. Maureen Connell, Innovation Center
Mr. PJ Gorneault, PE/Health
Mr. Ryan Deprey, PE/Health
Mrs. Stephanie Bresett, Librarian-Media Specialist
Mr. Todd Albert, PE/Health
Mrs. Twyla Learnard, Resource RM, ELA 6-8
Mrs. Vicki King, Music/Chorus