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Welcome to the Canton South High School parent teacher conference scheduling system.

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Pick your conference(s), then register name and contact info. This creates a registration for each conference and sends you a confirmation email with a link to choose appointment times. On that same page, you will be able to add and change both registrations and appointments.

Albaugh, Kris Conference
Bergert, Chris Conference
Bourquin, Cory Conference
Brant, Lindsey Conference
Brickwood, Eric Conference
Bush, Amy Conference
Buzinski, Heather Conference
Clark, Richard Conference
Conley, Luke Conference
Daniska, Moe Conference
Edwards, Kody
Elliot, Todd Conference
Elsass, Barb Conference
Fach, Greg Conference
Fatzinger, Stef Conference
Ferrell, Cathy Conference
Forshey, Phil Conference
Frazee, Eric Conference
Frazee, Lisa Conference
Fricke, Meghan Conference
Gamertsfelder, Mark Conference
Graham, Jody Conference
Haines, Shawn Conference
Laughlin, Jim Conference
Lias, Melanie Conference
Loy, Kelly Conference
Marshall, Erica Conference
McIlvain, Trent Conference
Miller, Kurt Conference
Miller, Nancy Conference
Moore, Andrea Conference
Perretta, Mark Conference
Price, Laura Conference
Pye, John Conference
Reed, Greg Conference
Retherford, Joe Conference
Ricketts, Christina Conference
Rosette, Michelle Conference
Roth, Celia Conference
Rudd, Lynn conferences
Schweikert, Nikolaus Conference
Seitz, Heather Conference
Smith, Kristen Conference
Spotleson, Frank Conference
Stanford, Cassie Conference
Stemple, Matt Conference
Summers, Paul Conference
Thompson, Lucy Conference
Torgersen, Rachel Conference
Tsaftarides, Lauren Conference
Vrabec, Jay Conference
Williams, Greg Conference
Wines, Kara Conference