Buckeye Junior High
Medina, OH
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Art : Mrs. Raeke
Band/Music: Mr. King
Choir: Ms. Haberkorn
Health/PE/Study Skills: Mrs. Acks
Health/PE/Study Skills: Mr. Bradley
History: Mr. Reinbrecht
History: Mrs. Rohn
History: Mrs. Sumodi
Language Arts/Social Studies: Ms. Crabtree
Language Arts: Mr. Davis
Language Arts: Mrs. Keith
Language Arts: Mrs. Simak
Math/Digital Media: Mrs. Goodwin
Math/Steam: Mr. Pavia
Math: Mr. Brimmer
Math: Mrs. Hasel
Math:Advanced Pre-Algebra/Algebra:Ms. Shelly
Music: Miss Leska
School Counselor: Mrs. Cates
Science/Math: Mr. Logan
Science: Ms. Hamlett
Science: Mrs. Middlemiss
Science: Mrs. Penvose
Spanish: Mrs. Smelser
Title I: Mrs. Colapietro