Archbold Middle School
Archbold, OH
Conference Scheduler

Welcome to the Archbold Middle School parent teacher conference scheduling system.

You may elect to meet with one teacher at a time OR multiple teachers at once. If you are planning to meet with several teachers, IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CHOOSE TO MEET WITH MULTIPLE TEACHERS AT ONCE. You can do this by selecting the same time slot for each teacher. If you are choosing to meet with 3 or more teachers at one time you will have a "grade team conference". Grade team conferences will be held in the rooms listed below.

5th- Room 510 6th- Room 409 7th- Room 305 (large Study Hall) 8th- Room 303

If you elect to meet with exactly 2 teachers at once, the conference will be held in the room of the teacher with a higher room number.

Please select your child's class/teacher below.

Unfortunately there are no conferences available for registration at this stage. Please come back later.