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Mr. Aaron Shaw (Phy Ed)
Mr. Aaron Wegand (Tech Ed)
Ms. Abbie Blood (English)
Ms. Alexis Platt (Science)
Mr. Alicia DePagter (Math)
Mr. Allen Langenhuizen (Math)
Ms. Alma Rivera (Spanish)
Ms. Amanda Nilsson (English)
Ms. Amy Herrick (F/CE)
Ms. Amy Klitzke (ID Teacher)
Ms. Amy Loritz (Social Studies)
Ms. Amy McAloon (English)
Ms. Ana Leavitt (Music)
Ms. Andy Garr (SEBD Teacher)
Ms. Angela Zeman (Spanish)
Ms. Ann Johnson (SEBD Teacher)
Mr. Anthony Palma (Math)
Ms. Barb Krause (SLD Teacher)
Ms. Barb Lonechild (Science)
Ms. Beth Podlasek (Math)
Ms. Betsy Clemons (Aut Teacher)
Ms. Betsy Thoma (EBD Teacher)
Mr. Brian Kurth (Social Studies)
Ms. Caralyn Karck (German)
Ms. Carly Meyer (SLD Teacher)
Ms. Carly Tiedt (English)
Ms. Catherine Wood (Spanish)
Mr. Chad Behnke (Comp Science)
Mr. Chip Noffke (Art)
Ms. Christina Conn (Music)
Mr. Corey Otis (English)
Mr. Cormac Joyce (French)
Mr. Dan Rankin (Social Studies)
Mr. Dan Scharenbrock (Science)
Mr. Dan VanSickle (Music)
Ms. Darlene Londo (Bus/Marketing)
Mr. David Erickson (Social Studies)
Mr. David Reichenberger (Math)
Ms. Deb Jansen (French)
Ms. Debbie Canner (Science)
Ms. Debra Fitzpatrick (Social Studies)
Mr. Eric Mueller (Counselor)
Mr. Eric Schroeder (Math)
Mr. Eric Toshner (Science)
Mr. Erik Hanson (eSchool)
Ms. Ginger Sturdivant (F/CE)
Ms. Jackie Martin (Speech/Lang)
Mr. Jake Schneider (Social Studies)
Ms. Jane Reichardt (English)
Ms. Jane Rufe (Counselor)
Ms. Janet Rudolph (SLD Teacher)
Ms. Jennifer Sartori (Deaf/Hard of Hearing)
Ms. Jennifer Schmidt (English)
Mr. Jeremy Kautz (Math Teacher)
Ms. Jessica Baxter (Aut Teacher)
Ms. Joan Radue (Math)
Ms. Jodi Wilhelm (Nurse)
Mr. John Lokken (ELL)
Ms. Katherine Bragg (Science)
Ms. Kathy Marx (English)
Ms. Kelly Truettner (SLD Teacher)
Ms. Kerry Wauters (Speech/Lang Teacher)
Mr. Kevin Reichardt (Phy Ed)
Ms. Krista Powell (Student Success Coordinator - Revolution Program)
Ms. Kristine Giese (Social Studies/English)
Ms. Lisa Endres (LD Teacher)
Ms. Lisa Wing (LD Teacher)
Ms. Margaret LaFleur (Music)
Mr. Mark Gorshe (Phy Ed)
Ms. Mary Timm (ID Teacher)
Mr. Max Herrmann (English)
Ms. Megan Luedtke (ID Teacher)
Mr. Michael Allen (Math)
Mr. Michael Roush (Science)
Ms. Mikki Duran (Phy Ed)
Mr. Mitchell Nicholas (Art)
Ms. Molly Welhouse (Psychologist)
Mr. Nate Lynch (Tech Ed)
Mr. Nick German (Tech Ed)
Ms. Nicole Callahan (Art)
Mr. Pat Schwanke (Social Studies)
Ms. Patti Murphy (Health)
Mr. Paul Miller (English)
Ms. Pauline Moran (English)
Mr. Peter Worley (Tech Ed)
Mr. Phill Reisweber (Tech Ed)
Mr. Rachel Brick (Counselor)
Mr. Randy Reed (Phy Ed)
Ms. Rebecca Spencer-Foley (Science)
Mr. Ryan LaBarre (EBD Teacher)
Mr. Ryan Marx (Science)
Ms. Sam Prestidge (EBD Teacher)
Mr. Scott Armstrong (EBD Teacher)
Mr. Sean Schuff (Tesla)
Mr. Stacy Seidl (Social Studies)
Ms. Stefanie Younger (Bus/Marketing)
Ms. Stephanie Marta (Social Worker)
Ms. Stephanie Mullen (Science)
Mr. Steve Walker (Phy Ed)
Mr. Tim Ketter (Math)
Mr. Tim Weis (ID Teacher)
Mr. Tom Pritzl (Math)
Mr. Tom Wanamaker (Science)
Ms. Trina Haase (English)