Bonny Eagle Middle School
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Welcome to the Bonny Eagle Middle School parent teacher conference scheduling system.

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Ms. Adams, Baillie Clan
Mr. Avery, Baillie Clan
Mr. Cekutis, Baillie Clan
Cunningham Clan (Ms. Foreman & Ms. Allen)
Mrs. Duhamel, McQueen Clan
Mrs. Hutchinson, School Counselor
Mrs. Klin, Reading Specialist
Mr. Lambert, McQueen Clan
Mrs. Otis, School Counselor
Mr. Oyster, McQueen Clan
Mr. Poulin, McQueen Clan
Ms. Riesbeck, Baillie Clan
Sinclair Clan (Ms. Eiring & Mrs. Harmon)
Mr. Anderson, Resource Teacher
Argyll Clan (Mr. Curtis, Mr. Pease, Mrs. Melaugh & Mrs. McCarthy)
Stirling Clan (Mr. Laprise, Mr. Miremadi, Mrs. Olson & Mrs. Norton)
Zetland Clan (Mr. Andreasen, Mrs. Boucher, Mr. Ruby & Ms. Hilton)
Brodie Clan (Ms. Anderson, Ms. Rancourt, Mr. Robertson & Mr. O'Searco
Carnegie Clan (Mr. Abbott, Ms. Deering, Mr. Buchanan & Mrs. Rondeau)
Dundee Clan (Mrs. Davis, Mr. Morong, Mr. DeMaris & Ms. Chute)
Mrs. House, School Counselor, Grade 7
Ms. McCarthy, Grade 8 Resource Teacher
Mrs. Abbott, Spanish
Ms. Atkinson, Literacy Specialist
Mr. Bishop, Resource Teacher
Mrs. Chabot-Boucher, Living Skills
Mr. Davis, Special Education
Mrs. DeMaris, Speech Therapist
Mr. Drinkwater, PE
Mr. Drouin, GT Math
Mrs. Evans, PE
Mrs. Farrell, Resource Teacher
Mrs. Grover, Substance Abuse Counselor
Mr. Harnik, GT Language Arts
Mr. Hinds, Industrial Technology
Ms. Hutchins, Resource Teacher
Mrs. Jordan, School Nurse
Mrs. Linnell, Chorus
McIver Clan (Mr. Christensen, Mrs. LeConte)
Mr. Minzy, PE
Mrs. Montgomery, Math Specialist
Ms. Navarro, Foreign Language
Mr. O'Rourke, Social Worker
Mrs. Parent, Occupational Therapy
Mr. Porter, Industrial Technology
Mr. Riggs, Social Worker
Mrs. Rosier, Special Education
Ms. Schaper, PE
Ms. Shabo, Band
Ms. Tauroney, Art
Mrs. Thompson, Art
Mr. Torres, Resource Teacher
Mrs. Ventura, Health
Mrs. Verrill, Special Education